Technical Difficulties

I recently discovered there was a computer glitch that was preventing me from receiving any messages. This has gone on for quite some time, and I had become pretty bummed, thinking no one was interested in communicating or giving me any feedback on my work. However, the problem has been fixed. You can now send a message to me from the link on the main page. My deepest apologies to whomever has sent me any message that I have not responded to. I was not ignoring you, I promise! A new post will come soon about book signings and other info for 2012. Cheers

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This month I have been quite busy with the promotion of Oddives and I wanted to update you on a few appearances. I will be selling both of my books at the Dark Carnival Film Festival on Oct. 22-23rd at the Buskirk Chumley Theater located in Bloomington, Ind. (Sat. noon-Midnight, Sun. 1-6 p.m.). There will be a host of horror film actors, directors, and special effects artists at this event so don’t miss it! As well, several independent horror films will be screened both days, and the Buskirk Chumley Theater is a 1930’s style movie house so the atmosphere will be very appropriate.
If you can’t make that date, I will also be appearing at Lazy Dayz Coffehouse Oct. 29th from 10-1 p.m. for the annual Irvington Halloween Festival in Indianapolis. There should be thousands of people in attendance, as it has become very popular for Halloween enthusiasts throughout the region.

In addition, I have been having a great time performing in our band The Hedons. Make sure to find us on facebook or log onto the It’s been a tough job to balance the two, but so far I am handling it well as I work on book #3. I’m very happy with how it is going so far, and as usual, my imagination is working overtime so the majority of this new book has already been written “upstairs.” I just need to put it all down on paper. This will be another collection of short stories, but after this project I may start work on a novel. We’ll see. That is far down the road so I will keep you posted as things progress. I hope I see you at the events mentioned above, and have a happy Halloween!

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Hannah House Aug. 13th, 2011

I’m very excited to return once again to the historic Hannah House this Sat. in Indianapolis. Take a spooky tour through this old home reportedly to be haunted from generation to generation. There is even a hidden starwell behind a book shelf that you can take down into the cellar. Outside, you can meet Indiana’s ghost hunters, view their current evidence of the supernatural, and get an autographed copy of Oddives by yours truly. I hope to see you there!

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Scarecamp 2011

I had a wonderful time this past weekend at the Scarecamp festival in Scottsburg, Ind. I sold a good number of books and met some very interesting and fun people. Thanks to Randy Hubbard for putting together such a great event! I will definitely be returning next year.

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I recently posted an interview for ODDIVES on youtube. It is available for viewing on this site at the left of the main page. Check it out! I was interviewed by the talented Renee Graham who co-hosts an online program for paranormal enthusiasts at

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Other Festivals and Appearances 2011

Here are three more places I will be selling Oddives in 2011

Lazy Daze coffee house – Sat. June 25th 10 a.m. – 2p.m. 10 South Johnson Ave. Indianapolis, Ind. 46219

Chicago Paranormal Meet and Greet (free) Aug. 20th. 1-5 p.m. Haunted Melody Lounge 7400 Archer Road, Justice, IL, 60458

Dark Carnival Film Festival Oct. 22nd and 23rd. 1 p.m.-12 a.m. Buskirk Chumley movie house. 114 East Kirkwood Ave. Bloomington, Ind. 47408

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2011 Paranormal Meet and Greet

I have reserved a spot to sell and promote Oddives as well as The Macabre Box at the 2011 Paranormal Meet and Greet held on the property of the legendary Hannah House, Sat. Aug. 13th from 12-4 p.m. 3801 Madison Ave, Indianapolis. I went to this event in 09, and it was a lot of fun. It is sponsered by the paranormal research group W.P.I.R.G. which hosts several paranormal groups who come to share their evidence of the supernatural. It is a great gathering of like-minded individuals who have a bond of passion for the unknown, and the event is free! For more info, contact: [email protected]
This event is a ways off, and I am in the process of contacting several other festivals and events for other appearances this year. Stay tuned!

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ODDIVES is here!

After almost three years of hard work, ODDIVES is now available for purchase! Words cannot express my excitement to release this project to the eyes of the public. This is another collection of horror and fantasy stories, and is available in paperback or e-book format. Please check the site periodically for info on interviews and signings. Enjoy!

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New Book Coming Soon!

Great news, I just received word from my publisher that my new book entitled: “ODDIVES” will go live in 2-4 weeks. As you can expect, I am very excited and I will let you know as soon as it is available. You shall hear from me very soon!

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New Manuscript

Hello friends,

My new manuscript has been completed and I am very happy with the end result. It has been edited, and my good friend Jasin has used his exceptional graphics arts skills to produce a book cover that far exceeded my expectations. My talented sister Lisa also made a great interior illustration. I’m pleased to say that I have worked again with the same artists that helped bring my previous book The Macabre Box to life. The new book is another collection of eleven short stories in the horror/suspense genre. Currently, I am sending submissions to publishers.  More news to come !

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