Festivals and Radio

Hey Friends,

There have been quite a few events that have been happening lately, and I apologize for not blogging sooner. I’ve been working a strenuous teaching assignment and that has taken up too much of my energy and time.
First and foremost, the Horror Hound Weekend was a smashing success. I sold 44 books over the weekend and met some great people. Among them was Doug Bradley (Pinhead from Hellraiser). He looked my book over and I did my best, but no sale ­čÖü
However, I met some folks who lined me up for two more paranormal conventions, one in Fort Wayne and another in Wabash. Those two were a little less popular, but I made a few other contacts and am set up to give another radio interview in July. I will write another blog for details.
My interview on CPR radio was a lot of fun. I spoke with them for about an hour, not just on my book but on my beliefs and ideas about the supernatural.
At the festival in Wabash, I met another author named Bob Freeman, who invited me to join the Indiana Horror Writers Association. It is a group of writers who meet once a month to share their work and give each other support and feedback. That sounds like exactly what I need. I look forward to meeting them next month and will let you know how it goes.
Lastly, I have been working furiously on my next book. I am now on my third story, and as I keep flexing that creative muscle, more ideas come to me. These ideas are so vivid and powerful, that I feel possessed to write them down. It is apparent to me that writing has become my true calling in life. I cannot express to you how happy I would be if I could just write full time, without any other job distractions. This is far easier said than done, however. Bills are always the first priority, sadly, and so if writing cannot pay for it all then you must do something else as well until it can.
I will say though that it is not my intention to self publish my next book. I feel like a fool for doing it in the first place. No disrespect to Authorhouse, but so many people have given me praise for The Macabre Box that I think I may have jumped the gun a little by self publishing instead of shopping my manuscript around first. Being self published means you are on your own, doing all the leg work for promotion and on your own budget.
When my next book of 11 stories is completed, which should be next year sometime, I am going to send them to every publisher I can find. More news to come soon-

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