The Victorian Gentleman

Hello comrades,

Promotion is the name of the game in this business, and I have been brainstorming for a while to come up with a unique way to get my name out to the general public that otherwise wouldn’t be exposed to my writing. Since a good number of stories I write take place in the 1800’s, I decided to get my own Victorian style outfit. Piece by piece, I put together a complete outfit from a place called Gentlemen’s Emporium which specializes in handcrafted clothing from that era. Everything they make is high quality but buyer’s beware, this will cost you a nice chunk of change! In my case l believe it is worth it, because l plan on wearing this while I pass out some artfully designed promo stickers made by my talented artist friend, Jasin Wayne. The goal is to make me memorable so they will feel so inclined to get on this website. So, if you are out and about in the Indy area at any upcoming festivals you may run into me. I’ll be the guy in the black John Bull top hat, silk puff tie, and Edwardian morning jacket. I’m more than eager to get started but sadly this heat wave we are experiencing is preventing me. Since this is a three layered outfit, I don’t believe it would be wise to venture out onto the streets in 93 degrees. Rest assured, as I have done countless times before in this business, I need to practice patience. That is all for now. Crank up the AC, fix yourself a glass of lemonade, and try to stay cool.



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