Hello friends,

Now that my third book is finished I am currently searching for a publisher. Hold the excitement though, lol. Like all the phases an author goes through before a book is on the shelves, it is a long and tedious one. Typically after sending a query letter and submission, the response is 2-6 months. I understand why. Each publisher gets a huge number of potential additions to their catalog, and someone has to comb through all of this material to determine who who make a good fit. If you are chosen a contract is either accepted or not by the author. Each publisher offers different royalty rates and services, and you need to decide if this contract is a good fit for you too.

And then of course, we need to address self publishing. For a long time self publishing was a last ditch effort for a writer to get their work out to the public if no publisher was interested. Nowadays, self publishing has become very popular and even writers who have been working with traditional publishers are using this option. With the internet and high quality books being cranked out by self publishing companies, this can be a good option if you have a promotion budget and willing to do a lot of leg work to get yourself noticed. You also work at promotion with a traditional publisher, but if you self publish you are on your own. Both have big pros and cons.

So what is my take on all this? To be honest, like all the authors that I have spoken to, I’m not sure, lol. No one has given me a strong enough argument either way, but I am open to both and still weighing my options before I make a final decision. I do know for sure that my number one goal in life is to be a success in this career, and I’m more than willing to pour whatever blood, sweat, and tears are necessary to make my dream a reality. I’ve come so far since this all began, and I’m proud to say I have no intention of slowing down.

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