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Happy Holidays to all,

Now what better gift to give at this festive time of the season than a book of horror stories?

I hope everyone is doing well. I thought I’d take a few moments to let you know what has been happening lately. First of all, there is a new radio interview of me online at Just scroll down until you see my picture and then you can click on the link. I was interviewed by Renee Graham and Wanda Spudic, two paranormal investigators who also co-host Tales From Beyond Paranormal Radio. I found them both to be quite charming and had a fun time discussing my book and how the writing process unfolds through each phase of work. As for the new book, I just finished story #7 and have 4 left to go. I’ve been having a lot of fun with it and have challenged myself to develop the characters and plot more so than before. I assume it will take about 5 mos. or so to complete the manuscript, and then its time to seek out a talented editor. I’ve been at this for 15 mos. now, and it gets frustrating and a bit lonely at times to keep it all out of the public eye. However, there are no short cuts and I know I have to be patient and consistent to provide the best work that I can do, and I will accept nothing else from myself.
Lastly, I will be signing and selling books at the famous Crump Theater on Feb. 20th in Columbus, Ind. Come say hi if you feel so inclined, I’d love to chat with you!

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