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Sleepy Hollow

Hey friends,

I am delighted to tell you all that The Macabre Box is now on the book shelves at Sleepy Hollow in Indianapolis. This is truly a historic day for me. I went in with five copies of my book and a poster my talented friend Jasin Thomason designed for me. I was a little nervous to say the least. This was a first for me and I had no idea what the process was supposed to be or how to sell myself. I met a woman named Joanna who is part owner with her husband. She was very nice and cordial and made me feel instantly comfortable. I explained I was a self-published author and was interested in selling my book at her store. She seemed impressed with my work and told me she was more than happy to help me out.
We agreed to a consignment deal. She did not buy any outright, but accepted three copies and said she would also hang my poster on the wall. When the book sells, then I will get my profit, which she will only charge a small percentage of. I can bring her more and keep replenishing as needed. It is selling for $14.00, which is about $6.00 cheaper than ordering it online since there are no shipping costs. Well now, I suggest you go get your copy if you’re in the area! Here is the info:

Sleepy Hollow
5535 East Washington St.
Indianapolis, IN 46219


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